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European School for Brownfield Redevelopment



Ten to fifteen years ago, when learners were not within the vicinity of the instructors, e-learning was then known as "Distance Education", two main objectives being the ability to respond to people living in the remote areas with education needs and sharing resources such as instructors and other education tools for instance. Today, with the needs for people to catch up and keep up with the trends, innovation and general development continue. But now time flexibilities and location independence have become important. Fortunately technology has come much closer to the people and electronics communications have suddenly become a savior in terms of bridging the gap between knowledge and people. The new era of e-learning has started. 

It is assumed, that a web based generic course in English would be produced, featuring 5 modules of about 20 teaching hours each. When structuring the individual course modules, care need to be taken to organize the learning in such a way that participants of various backgrounds and experiences can benefit by it. This is why a structure should be considered, which explains the main principles first and only after that details are considered. 

To cover brownfield issue sufficiently holistically, individual module´s content need to be quite broad, usually comprising of more than one fields of expertise. This is why it is likely that the module content needs to be broken down into individual sections. Only when this is done, the actual content of each module is clear. In order to ascertain the level of likely educational achievement, it is necessary to break each section into subsections, to which a level of educational achievement can be assigned. Experience has shown that this approach also cut down the overlapping of subjects, when authors are writing up their work. Other modules can be split into this detail on further request.

For the 5 modules a following division is recommend:
  • Module 1 Holistic approach to revitalization
  • Module 2 Brownfields revitalization
  • Module 3 Environment protection
  • Module 4 Urban planning
  • Module 5 Culture heritage

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by ERDF

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...The lateral knowledge, communication, management of key processes and knowledge possessed by others is the essence of brownfields manager education...

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Postgraduate studies - Brownfield Management

...This profession requires a wide knowledge in the field of effective management, real estate management and architecture and urban planning, environmental protection and socio-economic sciences and law...